Why rent rather than buy ?

Today, it is possible to rent cars between private individuals or from a professional, motor homes, household appliances, computer and electronic products, games, clothing, childcare products for children and the list goes on! Why do we favour use rather than ownership? We tell you everything in our article !
Le 24/02/2020

Why do we favour use over ownership ? Taking out your wallet to buy, it will soon be completely outdated or 'in the past'!

Today, we want to be mobile without the car, to be fashionable without having a princess dressing room, to walk around with our baby without the stroller. Possession is no longer a panacea!

But is it really a new way of consuming or just a trend ?

Consumption that brings values.

Inherited from the industrial revolution, our current economic model is based on a linear value chain: extracting resources, using them to make products, sell them, consume them and then throw them away.

We realize how this model is under stress when resources become scarce and the volume of waste explodes.

We are now seeing another economic model taking shape, no longer linear but circular.

A new economy has been born, it is the economy of functionality, it consists of selling the use of a product rather than the product itself.

The circular economy or economy of functionality is born.

Using a product when you need it; this is called the economy of functionality. In our consumer habits, we have gone from "owner of everything" to "renter of everything".

Today, 77% of French people say they prefer to use a product rather than own it.

If you live in a big city, and you own a car, do you think it makes sense to pay for insurance, parking tickets, a parking space, maintenance at the garage? What matters is how you use it! In this case, it is of course much more interesting to rent a spacious car from time to time that can accommodate the whole family rather than buying it!

At Familib, we believe that the economy of functionality will be the one we all use!

We want to consume more intelligently and responsibly while making our lives easier.

The rental of clothing, mountain equipment or baby equipment are consumption models based on functionality.

For occasional use or for light travel, renting baby equipment will save you money and you won't have to store a product in the garage, attic or cellar that will only be used once or twice a year !

And if you like to follow trends and your children like many others grow up every year, renting clothes will be the ideal solution for parents !

Another example : Did you know that we throw away 75,000 tons of toys per year ! Wouldn't it be more practical (space saving) and economical to rent our children's toys ?

As you have well understood, there are many motivations that explain the emergence of an economy based on functionality. They are both :

  • Financial : it saves us from taking out a large amount of money at once.
  • Practical : to avoid maintenance and repair problems, to make products evolve according to your needs and to avoid storing a product that is not used every day.
  • Environmental : to praise a positive impact on our environment: the end of consume and throw away !

Our needs today are not the same as yesterday, consumption of use has a future. Long live the economy of functionality ! 

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