Our products for rent.

All our rental products for your baby are chosen from the best brands on the market. Familib offers the biggest brands of baby care for your baby.
We know that safety and comfort for your child are essential. For these reasons, we offer a selection of strollers, car seats, cots and baby gates among the biggest brands of baby care.

Discover our criteria on a set of product and brand of childcare previously selected by us for renting :

. Comfort, lightness and ease of use for our strollers.

. Ease of use and installation for our baby car seats.

. Easy assembly, comfort and lightness for the cot.

. Lightness and practicality for the baby carrier.

The brand MACLAREN Inspired by the birth of his granddaughter, Owen Maclaren invented the first cane stroller in 1965. For 42 years now, the design of Maclaren strollers has revolutionized the child care industry in innovation and inspiration. Every year, the company continues to add new products to its line of strollers, more impressive than the others. Maclaren offers safe products and is today one of the most reliable manufacturers in the baby care market. If you want to have a free spirit, this is the brand for rent you need to choose for baby !

. Our selection for rental: the MACLAREN Quest ! Iconic stroller, the Quest Model Maclaren is easy to use and comfortable. The great qualities of Maclaren strollers are their light weight and small footprint when folded. They are also the stars of public transport with their 48 cm wide to be able to pass the subway gates and the doors of bus or tram. Easy to use, they will suit your children from birth up to 4 years or up to 15 kg. The emblematic Maclaren Quest last generation stroller is available for rent in our withdrawal points in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux…

The Mountain Buggy brand It all started in 1992 in New Zealand when a family man who loved to walk the mountain trails, wanted to do it with his baby. Problem : Without an all-terrain stroller, the adventure would prove perilous ! A lot of work, engineering and a zest of craziness later, the first 3-wheeled all-terrain buggy was born.

. Our selection for rental : Mountain Buggy Mountain Buggy ! The Mountain Buggy all-terrain stroller for rent is ultra-manageable, it is suitable for a child from birth to about 5 years old or to a child weighing up to 25 kg. The 3-wheeled all-terrain stroller we offer for rent is a comfortable and versatile stroller. It is ideal for the city or off the beaten path. It is perfect for families wishing to walk with baby in the mountains, in the forest or by the sea.

The childcare mark JOIE.

The English brand of childcare Joie offers products easy to use and comfortable. Combining design, performance and safety, the products of the Joie brand have been designed and developed to offer the best to parents and children while respecting environmental constraints. At Joie, nothing is left to chance. The products are tested at extreme temperatures, on different types of terrain, at 50km / h over more than 60 kms. All products placed on the market meet the safety standards in force and are tested in an approved laboratory. The car seat we offer for rent is very manageable, easy to install and comfortable for baby.

. Our selection for hire: JOIE car seat. Our baby car seat available for rent is for children from birth to 4 years or 0 to 18 kg. For a newborn, it will be rented with a removable insert, particularly padded and comfortable: it's a real cocoon! Usable in position "back" and "face" to the road according to the age of baby, the car seat Steadi Joie is very easy to use since it includes for the child a head cushion (headrest) adjustable height ; finished the manipulations of the belts !

The Britax brand.

Since 1966, the German baby brand Britax has been dedicated to the safety of children by car. The Britax company focuses exclusively on the development and manufacture of car seats. Maintaining the highest possible standards of safety is the most important thing for the Britax Juvenile Society. That's why the brand is one of the few baby car seat manufacturers that invest in their own crash test lab. These tests have helped them to develop some of the best safety products in the industry over the last 50 years.

. Our selection for rental: the Britax car seat. The Britax car seat that we offer for rent is the latest addition to the EVOLVA range; he has been known to parents for over 10 years. It offers advanced safety, its side impact damping system (SICT) minimizes the force of impact in the event of a side collision. The flexible ISOFIX device allows to connect the seat directly to the car. It is suitable for children from 9 kg up to 36 kg and can be installed in most cars with or without ISOFIX. It complies with the ECE R44 / 04 standard and meets the basic safety requirements defined in the European safety standard.

The baby brand Phil and Teds.

Phil & Teds is an existing New Zealand brand for over 15 years. It develops innovative products specialized in the field of child equipment and childcare. Strollers, cots, baby carriers and accessories are designed and designed to make life easier for parents and children alike. The Phil and Teds brand creates innovative, functional, robust and design products to walk, feed, sleep and carry our children.

. Our selection for the rental : the Phil and Teds cot. The baby travel bed that we offer for rent is very light, it weighs less than 3 kilos. It is super compact for cars with small trunk and suitcases. The baby bed fits in a snap and is very adaptable for both indoors and outdoors, with its unique zipped side that you can open as a park or close to sleep.

. Our selection for hire : the Phil and Teds baby carrier. Our baby carrier for rent is light and practical for parents; it is suitable for children from 9 months to 3 years and up to 18 kg. The baby carrier is for hiking or everyday when it is difficult to take the stroller. It is designed to ensure the best possible comfort for the child and parents with maximum tips. Our baby carrier complies with EN13209-1: 2004 and meets the basic safety requirements defined in the European safety standards.

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