How do you transmit the desire to read to your child ?

More and more, children are leaving books for new technologies. However, reading allows children to develop their curiosity, their imagination and to learn many concepts. But how do you convey the desire to read to your child ? What are the benefits ? Here are our tips !
Le 24/01/2020

When can we initiate reading to baby ?

First of all, there is no age to start creating a relationship with books.

- From 0 to 12 months : this will promote the bond between you and the child ; while listening to you, he will be close to you. It will be his first relationship with the book : by touching it, looking at it or throwing it away. Presented early, the book becomes a source of amusement and pleasure and is not seen as a chore. In cloth, cardboard or leaflet, use all the models at your disposal !

- From 1 to 3 years old : expand your child's vocabulary and teach him to concentrate or listen attentively. This is an opportunity to make him recognize the letters, by following your reading with your fingertips, so that he can identify the vocabulary. The book will help him to develop his imagination very early and will be a source of learning.

- From 3 to 5 years old : you can dialogue about stories and exchange about illustrations and emotions of the characters. It is also an opportunity for you to teach him colours, the notion of numbers, shapes and sizes. Reading has a real role in teaching and quiet time. The activity is then linked to a pleasant moment of relaxation.

- From 5 to 8 years old : ask your child to read you the story aloud ! He will be very proud to show you his progress. However, you can continue and read stories to him, making this a moment of intimate moments, while showing him that reading is not only practical for everyday life, but that it is also there for the pleasure of the imagination and stories.

Why reading and not something else ? Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of reading :

- The child learns to be calm and patient : it's an intellectual task to interpret letters and give them meaning and interpretation.

- The child learns to express himself : he is directly linked to the sentences and their meanings. He can also give his opinion and put into words what he has experienced and understood.

- The child improves his french : the more you learn when you are young, less you will make mistakes when you were older.

- The child creates his imagination : in addition to discovering characters and emotions, it allows him to get into his bubble and take time for himself.

Does the influence of the entourage play a role ? Is it an obligation for parents to read and make reading their children read stories ?

- The environment in which the child evolves is what triggers, or not, the desire to read and the practice of reading over time. Generally the children who are most avid readers are those who have a library at home, or those who have a regular subscription to a library, in addition to having parents who are avid readers.

- Parents are strongly advised to read and share reading time with their child. This will inevitably influence their relationship with reading.  "The child seeks to imitate his role model, his parent. »

How to motivate them to read ?

- Create your own story by sticking pictures of the family, the dog, the house, or by looking for pictures in magazines to describe them !

- The approach to reading is very important. Let your children choose their reading, taking care to read the summary to make sure they are able to read it.

- You can also suggest to make reading cards or quizzes to see if they have understood the book well.

- Invite them to share their feelings on the Internet by leaving a comment on the book ! They will verbalize their feelings and will be very proud to have given their opinion.

Where to get books ?

Price can be a barrier for families on a low budget. But don't panic ! There are many ways to update your stories on a daily basis :

- Your town's media library : very varied and well-stocked, it will give you access to a multitude of books (including audio) and activities dedicated to children. Just ask your library directly.

- The second-hand markets are also an opportunity to find books at a lower cost.

- Chances are that your family and friends may still have their childhood books or those of their children who have grown up ; don't hesitate to ask them !

What can we conclude from this ?

Books awaken a multitude of interests in the child, whether it is for its images, its texture, or its text. It then allows them to build an imagination and to identify their knowledge. Children will be all the more receptive to reading if it is their own parents who introduced them to the pleasures of books.

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