Our tips against the fatigue of young parents.

When a baby comes into the family, in addition to being a real joy, it's also for new parents a little tired !
Le 28/08/2019

Some newborns sleep through the night very quickly. Others take time before giving their parents full nights. 

So how can we fight against the fatigue of nights that are too often shortened ? Here are our tips !

. Delegate !

Alternate the shift and you will have fewer dark circles on your face: for example, one day daddy the next day mommy. Taking turns at every other night allows you to get a minimum of sleep.

You can also ask your family or trusted friends to keep the baby to sleep a little more.

. Get some air

Try to go out for fresh air regularly. With the baby, it allows you to air your body and mind. It also encourages meetings and exchanges with other parents. Think of the baby carrier that allows you to keep complete freedom of movement and movement, while respecting the rhythm of the baby who can sleep peacefully against mom or dad !

. Finding support

If you feel a drop in morale, you can call a friend, a relative who will be able to comfort you.  Above all, do not hesitate to contact your midwife or doctor who will be able to refer you for support.

. Let go of it

When a baby comes into your life, it's a big change. And it is also in the house which may look dirtier or messy. It doesn't matter ! Your home doesn't have to be perfect and don't put all this effort into yourself. Give yourself a few weeks to rest and ask for help...

. Take time for yourself

To recharge your batteries, it is necessary to change your mind, see other things, shake up your routine.

It could be anything, but as soon as you've entrusted baby, try going out, having coffee with a friend, shopping or taking yourself for a treatment (massage, spa): it will be THE ultimate gift to get you back on your feet !

. Take naps like a baby !

You must respect your baby's sleep rhythm: as soon as he takes a nap, take one too: so, if you are awake at night, a nap in the afternoon with your baby will do you the most good and you will reach your sleep quota: it is essential !

. Eat and drink !

It may sound stupid, but it is important to eat and not to forget the meal times even if you are overwhelmed by your baby. The little something extra: order your meals online from time to time. By bringing your meals, you will have one less task to do and therefore more rest.

Finally, don't forget that these moments don't last a lifetime ! It's a milestone to be reached. Baby will end up sleeping through the night ! 

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