Make Easter a party!

Easter is surely the children's favourite holiday... and we wonder why! Because it's not always easy to keep the kids busy, we offer a multitude of activities to do with them during the weekend.
Le 10/04/2020

First of all, it is out of the question to miss the egg hunt! In your garden or your apartment, it's a great way to discover all the hiding places...

To get in the mood, nothing better than creating your own little basket! For that, you will need: cardboard, paper, scissors, glue and lots of imagination!


  • The creation of an Easter tree: For this, you will need a plant, or branches and a container in which to hold them, and of course, homemade decorations and string to hang them on. Then comes the time to make the decorations... We tape, glue eggs with tassels, leaves,... We don't hesitate to vary the shapes, be it eggs, rabbits, flowers, sun, after all, it's spring!

And if you have drawing skills, you can customize your own drawings, on cardboard or plastic sheets! And for the others, you can find a multitude of coloring books to print right here


  • We're also thinking of the family, grandparents who may not have the chance to celebrate with you... For that, we bring out our best writing and creativity! We learn how to make a homemade envelope (in origami), we decorate it and we write a very nice letter!

For that, we suggest you to make a letter thanks to collage! We will simply superimpose two sheets of paper. The first one will be the bottom. We don't hesitate to take a colored sheet already, on which we will glue stickers, or strips of other colors, crepe, etc... Then comes the step of the second sheet, which we will glue on it! Of course, we personalize it. For example, I want a flower. So I draw a flower, and I'll cut out its outline and stick it on! And that's the result!


  • Making food with the family: Any occasion is good for having a good time! And why not make a fruit salad, while shaping shapes at the same time? Creative and fun!
  • And to digest it properly, we suggest a treasure hunt. You'll find lots of ideas for puzzles, riddles and enigmas right here

The entire Familib.com team wishes you a great Easter weekend!

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