Our ideas for activities to do during the holidays!

Summer at last! It's the children's long-awaited holiday and for you, it's an opportunity to spend time with them! Whether it's sunny or rainy, we offer you ideas for activities to do both indoors and outdoors. From the creation of a puppet show to the crea-tion of a cabin or masks, we invite you to discover them! Have a nice holiday, everyone.
Le 09/07/2019

Here are some creative and fun activities to spend a good holiday with your family and create great memories :

Create a homemade puppet show :  First, it is enough to manufacture the structure! Take one or two large boxes and place them so that your children's bodies are hidden but not too high, so that when they reach up, you can see their little puppets! If you don't have boxes at your disposal, put two chairs back to back and cover them with a sheet, it will also do very well!

Then the puppets: give free rein to your child's imagination to create them! He can stage his favourite cuddly toys or figurines as well as create his own paper puppets, with spoons, by customizing an old pair of socks... And then make way for the show! Enjoy your child's creativity!


Make a cabin in the house when it rains, or outside when the weather is fine : Nothing could be easier! When it rains, make a cabin with your child in his room, with only sheets, a few clothes pegs and chairs. Arrange the sheets to cover the chairs and hang the sheets together with clothes pegs; you can arrange the chairs to make a small labyrinth. When the weather is fine, you might as well enjoy the sun and build your cabin outside using pieces of wood and leaves.       


Make pastry with your family, a fun activity that will make your child proud when tasting cakes! Here are some "original cake ideas to make with your child:

M&M's chip cookies, a multi-coloured cake, a cake with carambar sauce...

Build a giant marble circuit : with tubes of sopalins, and a little tape: assemble them and pass the circuit where you want!

Make your own disguise masks : you can print the masks that your child likes best and then attach an elastic band to them at their waist. Or let his creativity take action and let him draw his own mask which will be unique! Don't forget to cut small holes for his eyes and nose!

Decorate your child's room, making small homemade garlands: cut out your child's drawings, then tape them to a wire and hang the garland in his room!

All you have to do now is put into practice the activities you like and spend special moments with your children! We wish you a happy holiday.

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