I dream of going with baby to the mountains !

After this difficult period, do you dream of staying in the mountains with Baby ? At what age can Baby leave ? What equipment should I bring ? What activities are offered on site ? We'll tell you more about them in our article !
Le 20/11/2020

From what age can we take baby to the mountains ?

Let's not forget that some babies are born and live in the mountains. However, pediatricians often advise not to exceed an altitude of 1200 to 1500 meters before the age of one year and 1800 meters before the age of 2 years. Before booking in a holiday residence or hotel in the mountains, be sure to check at which altitude you will be located! On the way, if your child seems uncomfortable or cries, it is possible to make 'decompression' stops on the way so that your baby can slowly get used to the altitude. It is of course preferable not to take a cable car or chair lift with baby: the change in altitude would be brutal. 

Little tip: as the mountain air is drier, remember to moisturize or give baby something to drink throughout the day. And, at night, you can put a glass of water or a wet towel on the radiator to humidify his room.

What equipment should I bring ?

  • The essential baby carrier and pram.

For the little ones, the ventral baby carrier is a solution well adapted to the mountains, it will keep them warm while keeping an eye on them and keeping their hands free! If you want to go for a nice walk in the mountains, there are back carriers available for hire for sports enthusiasts. At Familib, they are suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old.

A pram may not always be the ideal way to travel in the mountains but is the safest way to protect baby from the cold. If you're going to the Alps this winter, you'll find all-terrain pushchairs for hire at Familib from 6 euros per day for 7 days' hire.

  • Warm baby clothes.

Remember to cover your baby's head, extremities and chin; he will be sensitive to cold and wind! We recommend a one-piece ski suit for toddlers to keep warm. Check that he hasn't perspired under his body, in which case, change it! For older children, from the age of 2, a two-piece ski suit will make it easier to put on and take off.

Particularly sensitive to the cold, small hands require special attention. For smaller hands, prefer mittens, as they keep the fingers warm against each other. Among the essentials not to be forgotten, there is of course the hat, bonnet and scarf!

  • And don't forget sunglasses!

If there's one thing you shouldn't forget when you're in the mountains, it's sunglasses for your child. They will protect him from UV rays and also from the wind! If the choice of the protection factor is a matter for parents to decide, leave it to baby to choose the color of his new accessory. This way, the child will associate his glasses with a game and will wear his pair with more pleasure.

What are the activities offered to babies from 0 to 3 years old in the mountains ?

  • Sledding on a gentle slope.

What is it? These are gentle slopes, safe and reserved for very young children. They are often served by a conveyor belt and can be arranged in certain resorts. For those resorts with an ice rink, chairs and small sleighs are available to skate with babies.

  • Fun, original and cultural activities!

In order to make the mountains accessible to parents with small children, "pram walking" routes are multiplying in the mountain resorts. Very practical, this is the ideal format for a family outing without difficulty! Some resorts have imagined nature trails accessible with pushchairs where parents can walk in complete tranquility. In the Alps, in the 4-star residences of the CGH network, it is possible to rent a special mountain all-terrain pushchair for the duration of your stay.

Also think about outings with animals

  • A ride with sled dogs will be a unique moment for the children. And for those who will be able to pet the dogs; it will be a nice souvenir!
  • The baby pony sledge is a perfect alternative for the little ones: a sledge ride pulled by a pony. An experience that often lasts less than half an hour, so you don't get too cold!

  • Many stations have a library, a media library and often a reading corner for the little ones. Sessions for babies are often organized there, such as early reading workshops and storytelling sessions with a storyteller.

Some activities for older children!


A playful French concept, contrary to the name, between the surfboard and the snow scooter to introduce your child to the pleasures of snow sports from 18 months onwards. The Babysnow is equipped with a seat for the buttocks and a handle to hold on tightly. It is controlled from the back by yourself or an instructor.


She is always popular and knows how to seduce both young and old. The good news is that in addition to keeping its old-fashioned charm, it has also been modernized and secured. Gone are the rustic sleds of our childhood, now you can find rental sleds in almost every resort. Don't forget to cover and protect your child with a helmet and a ski mask.


It is simply a small sled pulled by a cross-country skier with a harness. This activity is completely safe for baby. It is protected by a hull and is wrapped in warm furs in which it can even fall asleep peacefully. The sled can accommodate up to two children.

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