Comfort and safety in the car with baby !

How do you position your car seat in the car ? Today, we are talking about safety and comfort for baby in the car !
Le 05/07/2020

After this rather complicated period, you have decided to return to your little piece of paradise for a well-deserved holiday ! Probably the best way to regain your balance and recharge your batteries ?

To start your journey, it is important to position your baby's car seat correctly in the car. The location of the car seat is an important and necessary step for his safety !

. The central seat in the back is the least exposed. If the child is properly secured, only the force exerted by the belt can cause slight injuries in an accident. If the child is sitting on his or her side, in a side impact, the child can be hit by the door. The same applies in the event of a frontal impact : a child sitting in the centre will not have any obstacles in front of him or her, whereas if sitting on the side, the head can hit the front seat. However, the rear centre seat is often a booster seat and is not equipped with a three-point seat belt or ISOFIX system!

. The child can be placed behind the front passenger seat. The car seat will be located on the curb side away from car traffic and will allow you to attach or detach your child safely ! Don't forget that when your child is in the back of the car, he or she can benefit from the ISOFIX fastening system which optimises baby's safety. But beware, not all cars have one !

. We do not recommend that the car seat be placed in the front passenger seat and should only be used as a last resort due to the proximity of the door and its airbag. There is also a higher risk of distraction for the driver. And don't forget to check that the airbags are deactivated before setting off !

My child seems to be sitting comfortably in his car seat, yet he's very agitated and crying !

. Check that the belt on his infant car seat is correctly installed. It is possible that it is too tight or that your child's shoulder is outside the belt.

. Remember to check the temperature in the car! Yes, babies and children adapt less easily to high temperatures than adults. They find it difficult to regulate their internal temperature through perspiration and cannot express their feeling of thirst. The temperature rise can be very rapid in children ; it rises 3 to 5 times faster than that of an adult !

My baby keeps crying in the car !

It can happen that your baby is anxious about a new or little-known environment : the car. You may simply need to reassure him and create familiar landmarks.

. You can start by talking to him first: the sound of your voice will calm him down. You can also give him his cuddly toy, his pacifier or even clothes that smell like you. This will allow baby to keep some contact with you. The environment will seem more familiar.

. If possible, you can sit next to your baby and hold her hand while singing a song, this will help to calm her down. . Also plan frequent stops every two hours with a 15-minute break. Beyond the essential needs that require a stop, it is important for children to relax and stretch their legs. A multitude of services are offered at the highway areas, allowing the whole family to relax! How do I cool my baby in the car ?

To refresh your baby, it is important to make him drink regularly (about once every hour). You can provide a fan and a mister if the vehicle is not air-conditioned. If you have air conditioning, be careful not to turn the ventilation towards your baby. A direct current of air could make him cold and make him sick.

Bring light-coloured, loose-fitting cotton clothing. T-shirts are preferable to onesies, as they absorb perspiration while allowing air to circulate. Of course, avoid putting him shirtless !

You can also install a cotton cover on the car seat, which will act as a sponge in case your child perspires.

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