Some ideas to consume in a smarter way

Clothes and Children's games : Three runways to consume differently. 

The arrival of a child is often synonymic of spending spree ! More and more family turn to alternative solutions to consume differently : second-hand purchase, rent or barter ! 

- Do not miss rummage sales, secondhand trades, space-dressing room, stock exchange in toys. www.sabradou.com gives you the dates of all these secondhand trades. 

- Organize one afternoon barter at home. 

- Discover the website Tipimi, which proposes of the loan and the loan of objects. 

-  Rent for the equipment of nursery with familib : a website of rent of equipment of nursery which allows to reserve online the desired equipment and to get back him in a point of retreat in the city where you go. 

- Buy second-hand thanks to the Trouvailles de Béné : a concept of purchase and second-hand sale at home. 

- Rent creator's clothes with Tale Me : The rent of creator's clothes for 0-3 years and the future moms, it is a subscription to the month. 

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