Rent a stroller for less than 5 euros a day!

Decreasing rental rates depending on the duration. The longer you rent, the more you save!
Rent your stroller or baby car seat with Familib for less than 5 euros a day by booking with our website.

Rental stroller, baby car seat, cot and baby carrier for less than 5 euros a day * throughout France. If you want to know more about our rental rates, go to our Products and Rates section.

Why renting baby equipment with Familib is more economical?

Consumption no longer appears as an end but as a mean to live well and to be better. We start to favour the use, to share more and own less.

For financial as well as ethical reasons, families seek to control their expenses. Unbridled consumption tends to be replaced by more reasonable consumption. So, why should you always buy your baby car seat, stroller or baby carrier to use it only once, twice or three times a year?

Your friends may not know that, but for an occasional use, it is much more interesting to rent than to buy a product!

For example: buying a 1st price baby car seat in a supermarket will cost you at least 60 euros. Rent at Familib car seat for 7 days will only cost you 37 euros, will be a much better quality, a great brand and your baby will be much safer. So, advice your friends, family or loved ones to stop spending money unnecessarily, share your own Familib experience!

*Basic 10-days rental price for a stroller or car seat at a Familib pickup points in France.

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