Consommer mieux et dépenser moins !

We often tend to buy and accumulate our children's toys... Products which are sometimes never or rarely used! Do you know that it is possible to rent toys for your children? We have listed all the advantages we can get from renting !
Le 29/11/2019

These are some of the advantages you can get by renting rather than buying:

  • You avoid waste and toy's accumulation at home.
  • Your child will have toys adapted to his age and of a higher quality.
  • This will allow you to try a toy before buying it.
  • For one-time use, leasing is a good way to save money.

Depending on the child's age, needs change and evolve quickly. A toy can be ignored a few days later because of an another crush.

Renting will allow you to change it more regularly! And since our budget is not extensible, renting is an excellent alternative to buying.

Here is the opinion of Christiane, who is Leo's grandmother: I am a grandmother and I keep my 6-month-old grandson for a month. I want to please him and buy him new toys. But unfortunately, I will not see him again for several months because I am going on a trip in the meantime. His needs and preferences will undoubtedly change. You could as well rent several new products adapted to his age!

After some research via Internet we found different toys rental sites that we think are interesting to mention!

At petitemarelle.fr toys for rent are based on the Montessori method and other active pedagogies. They are battery-free, plastic-free and are made of wood, natural rubber and recyclable cardboard.

At loueetjoue.com you will find educational games, wooden toys, awakening toys, toys of the Montessori method, without forgetting musical instruments; all are made in France by craftsmen.

At libetlou.com a large choice of thematic toys will be offered you in the toy library. From the Montessori method to board games, passing by initiations to science, this allows to vary the activities from the birth of the child.

It is with the same beliefs that the concept of equipment rental for children Familib is included. It is smart, economical and good for the planet, besides saving you money! You can rent a stroller, car seat, cot or baby carrier anywhere in France in more than 70 collection points.

Rent rather than buy for the children... It's the new way of consuming!


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