The RTL eco 2.0 guest is the founder of familib.com

The founder of familib.com was interviewed by RTL journalist Eric Vagnier about the concept of baby equipment rental.
Le 11/04/2017

"This rental website for children's equipment makes life easier for parents.

It was from his experience of dad who could not get everything into the trunk of the car that Frank Bréant created Familib six years ago. The goal is to make life easier for families traveling with young children. There are many problems between the stroller, the cot and the suitcase, and the trunk of the car quickly lacks space.

"Familib is a child equipment rental website with online booking", explains Franck Bréant.

The objects available for booking are numerous. There are strollers, car seats, cribs.

"It's very simple, you go to the website, you book your product and you get it at a pick-up point near your destination," says Franck Breant. All these objects are made available by Familib and not by individuals.

"The first reason to book at Familib is the clutter and the second is an economic reason.

Why always buy a product and store it for occasional use? "Questions Frank Breant.

To rent the articles, you have to pay less than 5 euros per day per article. "

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