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The arrival of a child upsets the daily life of young parents. It's not always easy to meet your baby's needs and still be able to move freely. Why not then opt for a baby carrier ? What is babywearing ? What are the advantages of this practice ? What are the different models of baby carriers ? Familib will give you a detailed answer !
Le 29/12/2020

What is babywearing ? Where does it come from ? 

The history of babywearing goes back to the beginning of mankind. People have been carrying, rocking and breastfeeding since the dawn of time, and babywearing was a way to get around. The man then tied an animal skin around his bust to place and move baby. 

The first baby carrier was born!

Babywearing is a practice based on parent/child proximity. Carried with the help of a cloth, the child finds himself in a comfortable environment that favours his development.

This practice concerns newborns as well as older children. A well-adapted baby carrier allows to carry a child from birth to 18 kg or 4 years old.

What are the advantages of babywearing ?

Babywearing is a simple and soothing method that will promote baby's attachment to his parents. It allows baby to hear the vibrations of mom or dad's voice. It is also a way for baby to get familiar with their face thanks to this closeness.

The baby carrier brings a very reassuring and protective side for the child. Wrapped as in a cocoon, baby is calmer and creates a feeling of confidence and security reducing crying and restlessness.

This practice also promotes the development of baby's joints and muscles. Carried correctly, carrying allows a good positioning of the hips and promotes a good tone of the neck and trunk. Spending less time lying down, baby adapts to changes in position, developing his sense of balance.

Carrying your child means stimulating your senses: sight, hearing and smell, and thus helping to awaken your child. Carried at human height, the child increases his level of attention, visualizes, explores and participates in all daily activities with his parent. Exploring one's environment in another way, this practice contributes to cognitive development.

What are the advantages of baby carrier for mom and dad ? 

Babywearing gives parents freedom of action and movement. You can continue your activities while meeting baby’s needs and requests. 

You can immediately interact with your child, watching him/her observe your world.

It's an opportunity to spend time with your child and strengthen your bond.

Finally, this method facilitates breastfeeding for women who practice it. Skin-to-skin with baby makes breastfeeding easier and allows mothers to feed their baby out of sight.

What are the different models of baby carriers ? How do they work ?

Deciding to carry your child means choosing your baby carrier as well. For daily use, several choices are available to you:

  • The scarf 

This baby carrier is based on a very simple principle: You place a strip of fabric around you to install your child so that he benefits from your body heat. This is a very comfortable technique for parents because the baby's weight is then distributed over both shoulders.

  • Mei-Tei 

A perfect compromise between a wrap and a baby carrier, the mei-tei consists of a square piece of fabric with two straps that form a belt at the waist and two long straps to attach it to the shoulders.

  • The baby carrier in shoulder strap

Can only be used on one shoulder, thos model can be installed very quickly. Made of a single piece of fabric folded on itself, it forms a pocket to install baby to enjoy a moment of sharing. 

. For a more sporty use, there are baby carriers with metal frames. To be positioned like a backpack, they are suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years.

These are products that guarantee safety, simplicity and practicality. Baby will be able to accompany you everywhere, even on your most adventurous walks!

Babywearing metro-Phil and Teds
Babywearing Phil and Teds
Babywearing Lafuma 

These models are available for rent at Familib.com for less than 3 euros per day. 

The Familib.com team 


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