Rent your stroller or car seat for a week

Travel light when we have children is not always simple, and turns out even sometimes impossible.. But if instead of blocking you with all the equipment of your baby you decided to rent them ? The services of rent of equipment of nursery are rapidly expanding ! You would be wrong to go without for it. 

How does it work ? 

It is enough to reserve the product wished on the web site and to define the duration of rent. You can rent for the equipment for day or for several months. You can rent your article that very day if it is available. 

At what price ? 

You want to rent a bed or a stroller hanging several week ? No concern, the prices are decreasing according to the duration of rent. It will be necessary to matter between 30 and 50 euros to rent a stroller 3 days, and for 40 and 55 euros for week. 

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