Stroller Ergobaby.

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Stroller rental from 0 to 4 years.

The Ergobaby stroller rental is suitable for children from birth to 4 years or up to 22 Kg. 

The stroller provides unparalleled comfort and support for baby. Its flat recline for baby's naps is perfect! Once folded, it is compact and will easily fit in your car boot or as carry-on luggage on the plane. 

For more details on how to use the pram, you can watch the video by clicking on the blue tab above.

In all other cities of France, we have other models of prams, it's by HERE >

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Pram weight : 7,8 kg

Polyurethane rubber wheels

Use : Newborn to 4 years

Maximum child weight: 22 kg

Ultra compact and easy to fold with one hand

Flat reclining seat for naps

Dimensions open: 87 x 44 x 96 cm

Dimensions folded: 54 x 44 x 25 cm

The rear pocket has a maximum load capacity of 1.4 kg. 

The basket has a maximum load capacity of 2.2 kg. 

  • NEVER leave a child unattended.
  • Before using the pram, make sure that all locking devices are engaged.
  • To avoid risk of injury, make sure you keep your child at a distance while folding or unfolding this product. 
  • Never allow your child to get in or out of the pram without supervision.
  • Do not use the pram if any of its parts are damaged, broken, torn or missing. 
  • When using the rain cover, make sure it does not touch the child's face.
  • Always supervise the child when using the rain cover. 
  • Do not let your child play with this product.
  • This product is not suitable? for jogging or skating.
  • This product should not be used for more than one child at a time.
  • Do not carry or lift the pram when a child is in it.
  • Do not use the pram on stairs (including escalators).
  • Loose or partially fastened harness straps pose a risk of entanglement to the child. The child must be secured at all times. 
  • NEVER leave the pram unattended on sloping ground, even with the parking brake locked. 
  • The pram must be handled with great care on uneven or sloping ground. 

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