BOX Montessori – Mobile Alphabet

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Compose your first words before you even know how to write.

Created in 1907 by Maria Montessori, Montessori pedagogy is an educational method based on the natural development of the child, both physiological and psychological.

The aim is to promote self-confidence, autonomy and curiosity, while allowing children to evolve at their own pace and in complete freedom.

Even then, Maria Montessori wrote... "Unleash the child's potential and you will transform the world with him".

In each of the Montessori BOXes, the child learns by manipulating, experimenting by himself, through stimulating and fulfilling educational activities.

The best keys to learning, developing, being a happy child today and becoming a fulfilled adult tomorrow! 

(Indicative age: from 3 years old)

  • An illustrated 20-pages magazine, which combines the main Montessori principles with a focus on pedagogy in public schools, and the step-by-step method to successfully complete the activity with your child.
  •  The unique teaching material, including 90 cursive wooden letters (consonants x3 and vowels x5). Examples of dimensions:

- mobile letters type "a": 3cm x 4cm

- mobile letters type "d": 5.5cm x 4cm

- mobile letters type "g": 8cm x 4cm

- mobile letters type "f": 13.5cm x 4cm

  •  And 13 self-correcting image cards and other surprises...
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